Home Working solutions for your Company!

The simple and affordable Private Cloud service dedicated to data sharing and Home Working organization. The remote office for your business is just a click away.

What is Enter::Nextcloud

Enter::Nextcloud is the Private Cloud system dedicated to Home Working for your entire company: a set of tools that facilitate document and data sharing in the workgroup, internal and external communications, cataloging, file storage and much more.

What is it for

You can use Enter::Nextcloud organize and manage business activities through Home Working. A set of tools allows you to store documents, access them remotely, edit them, track revisions, communicate with colleagues and organize tasks. A true remote office.

Why should you choose it

Enter::Nextcloud involves installing the service on a private corporate server, dedicated exclusively to your enterprise. This ensures total confidentiality of data and communications, as well as complete control over all integrated tools.


The dedicated home working and remote office solution

Automated flows

Enter::Nextcloud lets you automate repetitive tasks and streamline business processes. Create and manage your most frequent workflows and tasks.

External storage

Connect your Private Cloud server to external storage services such as FTP, Samba, Sharepoint or Windows network disks (in addition to popular commercial services).

Online collaboration

Write or edit multi-handed documents, take notes during a video conference, share commitments in your calendar, organize tasks and priorities.

Users Management

Manage all users locally or connect the service to your infrastructure via LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos and many other authentication systems.


A simple and powerful system for data protection, document sharing and multi-level encryption for an unprecedented level of security.

Apps and Integrations

Customize your Enter::Nextcloud experience by taking advantage of the dozens of additional applications, or request the development of tools dedicated to your business.

Distance working

How does it work

Organize your tools and assign permissions to users. The remote office for your company is online!

Define your tools

Choose which tools to use (from the dozens available) in your remote office and organize the interface.

Enable users

Invite the users you want to authorize and assign them permissions to access data and tools.

Focus on your work

Use your remote office to write documents, analyze data, communicate, share files, discuss, make decisions and more!


A simple and intuitive interface to focus on your work and not on technical issues

Solution Features

The system is based on the open source Nextcloud application. A dedicated virtual private server is installed and will be accessed through a Private Cloud service. In other words, the server is dedicated exclusively to your company and will be managed entirely by our staff. The application will then be accessible via Internet from wherever the user is. For an annual fee, the service includes:


Server installation, upgrade and maintenance


Upgrading Nextcloud to the latest stable version.


Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the Database and the entire system


Operating system and server maintenance/security


Performance and accessibility monitoring

Tools and Users

Unlimited users and integration with community app store for additional tools

Info Request

Need more informations or would like to find out if our solutions are right for you? Drop us a line! Our team is at your service.