Zelo is the Cloud ERP solution designed for SMEs.

All the tools you’ll ever need to manage your business, with no license fees based on number of users, seats or installed modules. Zelo is ERP software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Integrated tools to manage your business

Organize and manage your business with a single tool. Zelo (ẓè·lo – zeal) ERP is designed to integrate different areas of your business with each other in a way that minimizes data entry and dramatically lowers the chances of human error. Real-time analysis of performance, forecasts and results enable you to keep tabs on every aspect of your business and respond in a timely manner to the demands of an increasingly competitive and chaotic global market. All features can be extensively configured and customized to fit your organization and business processes.


Lead and opportunity management, helpdesk, complaints, customer relations and performance analysis.

Commercial Management

Catalogs, sales channels, orders, quotations, purchases, price lists, agents and commissions.


Marketing campaigns and mass mailings, event planning and performance tracking.


Accounts receivable and payable billing, collections, payments, cash flow forecasting and journal entry management.

Human Resources

Employee management, attendance, expense reimbursement, recruitment, holidays and leave scheduling.

Project Management

Projects, work orders, deadlines, timesheets, workload management and cost accounting.


Inputs, outputs, transfers, supply routes, real-time inventory assessment.

MRP and Production

BOMs management, machining and production centers, OEE analysis and activity planning.

Home Working

Communication, work organization, data sharing and documents management tools.

An easy ERP solution

Easy management for your business

Zelo: the ERP solution for your business

Discover how easy it is to work smarter, not harder!


Optimize business processes through intelligent management of users, roles and data


Plan cash flows, workloads, inventories, lead times, activities and more.


Automate your company’s workflows to focus on what really matters.


Save time, energy and resources to invest in everything that can make your business truly unique!

Why implement an ERP system

Panorama Consulting’s report on the state of ERP systems clearly and analytically summarizes the motivations and priorities that have driven companies to adopt these types of solutions. Analyzing data on thousands of companies surveys, the picture that emerges is one of a vibrant, highly competitive and innovation-driven market.

Solution Features

ERP system is installed on a dedicated physical server and will be accessed through a Private Cloud service. In other words, the server is dedicated exclusively to your company and will be managed entirely by our staff. The application will then be accessible via Internet from wherever the user is located. For an annual fee, the service includes:


Server installation, upgrade and maintenance


Constant regulatory and functional updates


Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the Database and the entire system


Operating system and server maintenance and security


Performance and accessibility monitoring

Tools and Users

All modules included for an unlimited number of users

A simple and intuitive user interface

Learn how easy it is to use Zelo ERP’s interface and all its tools

Zelo ERP development numbers

Over the past 3 years, our Development Team has written hundreds of thousands of lines of code to integrate functions, test the system, implement security, and make our ERP system even more efficient, simple, usable, and complete.





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