IT services for your businesses

All proposed solutions are accompanied by numerous professional services: support, training, integrations and custom application development.

IT Services

Besides our dedicated solutions (Zelo ERP, Enter::Mautic, Enter::Jitsi, Enter::Moodle, Enter::Phorge, Enter::Zabbix, Enter::Nextcloud), we provide a range of optional and complementary services such as web portal management, staff training, functional support and application development.


At Entersys, we believe that the concept of innovation must necessarily be accompanied by a timely and detailed analysis of the sustainability of the proposed solutions, starting with the cost/benefit ratio and ending with the impact on business operations in the long run.

Open Source

All our solutions are entirely based on open source applications and free software. Data ownership, data confidentiality, accessibility, security, privacy and the ability to reuse source code are all indispensable aspects of our solutions. Freedom is priceless!

Tablet at the Restaurant

Your company online

A set of IT services specifically designed for sustainable and continuous innovation in your Company.

Portals and Websites

The service designed to make you autonomous in managing your corporate Web Site, Customer Portal or Web Application.

E-commerce and Online Shop

From organizing your online business to E-shop management, we have the solution for managing your E-commerce activities

SEO and Analytics

Services dedicated to analyzing website or content performance and verifying competitors’ online strategies.

Customized services

Tailored services designed and developed for specific needs and to turn your ideas into reality. Because every company is unique and special!

Application Development

All solutions and services are fully customizable, expandable, integrable and modifiable. Turn your innovative idea into reality and set the standard for your business.

Technical Support

A simple and timely online technical and functional support service to manage different kinds of interventions. Create support requests and track response times, share documents with your work team and use an authorization system to enable your employees to request support on their own.

Corporate Training

Classroom, distance or job shadowing training interventions on all proposed solutions to get the most out of integrated tools.
Because innovation starts with staff skills!

Customized Business IT services

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