Keep an eye on your company’s IT infrastructure

Check real-time availability, performance and accessibility of IT tools in your enterprise, whether local or remote.

What is Enter::Zabbix

Enter::Zabbix is the system dedicated to real-time monitoring of corporate IT infrastructure. Designed for companies whose work depends heavily on the availability and accessibility of technical and IT tools, Enter::Zabbix is the solution for keeping your IT tools efficient over time.

What is it for

Through several scripts and integrations, Enter::Zabbix analyzes the real time performance and availability of IT tools in your company. Any errors, status changes or malfunctions will be immediately communicated to technical managers to let them take appropriate corrective action.

Why should you choose it

Installation on a dedicated enterprise server allows IT managers to access all monitoring tools and, where necessary, customize and integrate new features dedicated to managing technologies used in your company.


The IT monitoring dedicated solution for your company

Data collection

Use the appropriate Agent or leverage the predictive system to collect and organize metrics on the use and performance of your IT services

Problem identification

Detect real time anomalies and problems. Enable the Machine Learning system to predict problems and solutions based on historical data.

Notifications and Alerts

The notification system allows you to receive real time alerts, warnings and alarms via SMS, email, Telegram or numerous other communication platforms.

Data access

Manage your customized dashboard through the many widgets available and get a glimpse of IT performance and resource utilization.


All communication between the monitor and IT services is via TLS protocol. It is also possible to define at the individual component level the use of encrypted keys.


The monitoring system can be integrated with many existing IT services, as well as operating systems, Database servers, platforms or Cloud technologies.

Enterprise network and IT systems problems

How does it work

Check real-time availability and performance of enterprise IT systems.

Connects IT services

Use connection tools to connect your company’s IT services to the monitor.

Define notification and automation policies

Establish rules for alerts or alarms notifications, create automatic actions policies and configure message sending methods.

Analyze performance

Use the dashboard to track service performance and check the outcome of corrective actions.


A simple and intuitive interface to focus on your work and not on technical issues

Solution Features

The system is based on the open source Zabbix application. A dedicated virtual private server is installed and will be accessed through a Private Cloud service. In other words, the server is dedicated exclusively to your company and will be managed entirely by our staff. The application will then be accessible via Internet from wherever the user is located. For an annual fee, the service includes:


Server installation, upgrade and maintenance


Zabbix upgrade to the latest stable version.


Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the Database and the entire system


Operating system and server maintenance/security


Performance and accessibility monitoring

Tools and Users

Access to apps, widgets and public integrations.

Info Request

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