The service platform for your corporate training

The LMS platform-based service dedicated to continuous education, staff retraining, know-how sharing and training for your clients.

What is Enter::Moodle

Enter::Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) service dedicated to in-company continuous education, staff retraining, knowledge reuse and sharing within the company’s various business and organizational units.

What is it for

With Enter::Moodle lets you organize work instructions, share procedures and operative details with colleagues, train and update staff on new tools or organize online courses for customers, suppliers and employees.

Why should you choose it

Installation on a dedicated corporate server ensures full control over the system, making the company independent from the number of authorized access/users. Information ownership is also preserved and secure access to information is monitored.


The LMS platform-based solution for training employees and customers

Editing tools

Integrated tools to create, edit and manage content, online courses, blended learning interventions or micro learning designed and tailored to your company’s employees.

Custom design

Graphically change the appearance of the LMS platform to reflect your coordinated corporate image and offer free or paid training services.

Online collaborationa

Collaborative learning and teaching are at the heart of LMS systems. Allow learners and teachers to collaborate and discuss content online.

Mobile training

Take advantage of the training and learning tools offered by the mobile app to manage content, take courses, partecipate in chats or moderate discussions.


Take advantage of the dozens of free plugins, themes and add-on tools to extend the functionality of the LMS and integrate it with your IT infrastructure.

Privacy and security

The LMS platform provides constant data transparency and allows the system to be configured based on different changes in local GDPR regulations.

Staff retraining

How does it work

Organizes courses, manage participants in the speeches, prepare content and activities of each session.

Create a course

Define the objectives of the training course, create content online and collaborate with other experts.

Invite users

Allow learners to register for courses or invite users to participate in a single intervention.

Manage the course in real time

Prepare tests and surveys, moderate discussions, assign evaluations and reviews the progress of the training course.


A simple and intuitive interface to focus on your work and not on technical issues

Solution Features

The system is based on the open source Moodle application. A dedicated virtual private server is installed and will be accessed through a Private Cloud service. In other words, the server is dedicated exclusively to your company and will be managed entirely by our staff. The application will then be accessible via Internet from wherever the user is. For an annual fee, the service includes:


Server installation, upgrade and maintenance


Moodle upgrade to the latest stable version.


Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the Database and the entire system


Operating system and server maintenance/security


Performance and accessibility monitoring

Tools and Users

Integration with the community app store to download additional tools, unlimited users and editing tools.

Info Request

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