The agile and comprehensive tool for Projects and Activities management

Organize and manage your projects, activities, discussions, and know-how within the different workgroups in your company. Enter::Phorge includes all the tools you need to plan your work and not lose sight of your team’s goals!

What is Enter::Phorge

Enter::Phorge is a Business Project and Activities Management tool: through a set of applications dedicated to team-working and know-how sharing, it allows you to organize activities and monitor the progress of each task.

What is it for

Enter::Phorge lets you share and delegate tasks or projects, assess the work progress, write and collaborate on documents and manuals, automate workflows, link projects to a Continuous Integration system and much more.

Why should you choose it

Enter::Phorge is a solution based on your own dedicated corporate server. You will be able to activate only the tools you are interested in, while all information will remain confidential and accessible only to your authorized staff and work teams.


The solution dedicated to Projects and Group Work management

Projects and Tasks

Manage Projects and Tasks in your company, share progress, assign tasks to colleagues, involve co-workers in discussions and allow customers to assess progress.

Kanban Dashboards

Customize the dashboard for each project based on your needs. Create new columns for each progress status and drag and drop Tasks from one column to another.

Wiki & Know-How

Manage internal documentation using the Wiki tool. Quickly edit content in an easy and intuitive way. Discuss with your collaborators and update revisions.

Roles and Responsibilities

A granular permission system allows you to process and assign roles, responsibilities, permissions, and working tools to different Enter::Phorge users.


Enroll in chat channels, use the dedicated discussion tool or the system to receive automatic notification for each event you’re interested in.

Integrations & API

Through its API and several integrations with GitLab, Github and Mercurial, Enter::Phorge also allows you to manage progress and testing in code development.

Organizing work processes

How dows it work

Organize workgroups, projects and activities in a few simple steps!

Create a project

Define the characteristics of the project and its subprojects, objectives and milestones, priorities and progress.

Organize the workgroup

From the system users, choose those who will have access to the project and define their roles and responsibilities.

Enter and assign tasks

Enter tasks and activities into the project, assign them to a group member, prioritize them and track progress in real time.


A simple and intuitive interface to focus on your work and not on technical issues

Solution Features

The system is based on the open source application Phorge. A dedicated virtual private server is installed and will be accessed through a Private Cloud service. In other words, the server is dedicated exclusively to your company and will be managed entirely by our staff. The application will then be accessible via Internet from wherever the user is located. For an annual fee, the service includes:


Server installation, upgrade and maintenance


Phorge upgrade to the latest stable version.


Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the Database and the entire system


Operating system and server maintenance/security


Performance and accessibility monitoring

Tools and Users

Unlimited projects, tasks, and users for all system tools.

Info Request

Need more informations or would like to find out if our solutions are right for you? Drop us a line! Our team is at your service.